Funeral Service: Mitchell Price

Funeral Service: Mitchell Price

On December. 28th our New Hope family suffered the lost a young man who touched many in and out of the church. The family has asked the church to post the message for friends and family members who were unable to attend

Mitchell Price loved many and was loved by many. For an incredibly unimaginable reason, Mitch must have felt as if his life did not matter. The Price family’s message to you is: “You Matter”. If you feel as if no way out, PLEASE, take a step back and realize how many people you have positively impacted in your life. PLEASE understand that more people care about you and love you than you could ever imagine. PLEASE understand that the most courageous thing that you could do is to get help. PLEASE reach out if you feel as if you are not important. Your life is worth more to people around you than you could even imagine. Do what Mitchell Price could not do, and seek help. Please always remember, YOU MATTER.

In lieu of flowers, please support the American Foundation Prevention in honor of Mitchelle Price

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